Septic Systems

Installation and Modifications of Septic Systems

Since July 2014, the Municipality of Dysart et al has administered Part 8 of the Ontario Building Code in house.  Municipal Building and Septic Inspection staff have been trained and certified and have successfully managed this new part of their portfolio for the past few years.

Municipal forms relating to on-site sewage systems have been developed and can be downloaded from the side bar at the right hand side.

Septic System Maintenance

There are many components to a septic system and not everybody is well versed in the technology and how it all works.   Have a look at this Poop Talk Video to get a better understanding of how your own system works and what you can do to help it work better. We also have available, some custom fridge magnets, that remind property owners when to pump and inspect their systems to help keep it healthy.







Septic Re-inspection Program

Starting in 2018, Dysart et al is embarking on a septic re-inspection program.   A by-law, available to download on the sidebar, was passed in December 2017.   As per the Schedule A of the By-law, this program will be rolled out based on geographic areas over the next few years.   Dysart et al will provide a list of qualified contractors on this website along with the prescribed check list to ensure that the inspection is done properly.   Once an inspection is completed, it will be up to the property owner to submit a copy of the inspection report to the Municipality for follow up.    More details can be located in the FAQ document on the sidebar.

Inspectors Needed

Dysart Et Al continues to grow their list of Qualified Home Inspectors interested in participating in our Septic Re-Inspection program designed to start in the spring of 2018. Technicians must be registered with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing and hold a valid BCIN number, which will include the On-Site Sewage Systems course.   If you are interested in learning more or registering to become an inspector for this program, please respond to Greg Cherniak, Septic Inspector at .