Planning and Development

The Planning and Development Department is responsible for preparing and overseeing the planning policies and planning documents of the Municipality; processing planning related applications; providing advice on planning matters to Council and the community; and managing the Municipality’s land information system.

Land use planning policy in Ontario is developed within a hierarchy of planning documents. First, general provincial policies are passed by the Province as regulations under the Planning Act. Within the context of these provincial policies, the County Official Plan establishes broad planning policies for the County of Haliburton. Finally, the Dysart et al Official Plan establishes the detailed planning policies for the Municipality of Dysart et al.

The Dysart Official Plan is the key policy document that guides all municipal decisions on land use within the Municipality. Clear and thoughtful policies will protect our natural environment; support and encourage a sound, healthy economy; and guide sustainable resource use and development. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing approved the new Official Plan for the Municipality on March 11, 2004.  The Dysart et al Official Plan which was last reviewed in 2010 is currently undergoing the review and update process  pursuant to Section 26 of the Planning Act.

The Municipal Zoning By-law (By-law 2005-120, as amended) is the legal document that implements the policies of the Official Plan.  The Zoning By-law regulates the land uses permitted on a property; the size of the lots within the Municipality; the location and size of all buildings and structures: and the requirements for facilities such as parking.  The Zoning By-law was passed on December 12, 2005, and it underwent a comprehensive review in 2011.

All planning related applications and approvals are processed in compliance with the provisions of the applicable legislation (either the Planning Act or the Municipal Act).  The applications for these approvals are available in a pdf format on the sidebar.

It is best to consult with the Planning Department before making an application for a planning approval.  This will ensure that your proposal complies with the planning policies of the Municipality and that all relevant information is provided for the review. Whether you are planning a building construction project or a land development project, make sure you have allowed sufficient time for the review and approval of the application.

To avoid delays be sure to submit all information specified on the application. The application fee must accompany the application. The fee and the information required for the application is listed on the information sheet at the beginning of each application.

Public meetings to hear comments and receive input on applications to amend the Official Plan and the Zoning By-law are held by the Public Meeting Committee.

This Committee is comprised of three members of Council, who serve a four year term, concurrent with their Council term.  Members include:  chair Deputy-Reeve Andrea Roberts, Councillor Nancy Wood-Roberts and Councillor Susan Norcross.

Public hearings for minor variance applications are held by the Committee of Adjustment.  This Committee is comprised of four members of Council, who are appointed annually and three members of the public, who serve a four year term, concurrent with the term of Council.  Members include:  Councillor Susan Norcross, Councillor Dennis Casey, Councillor Nancy Wood-Roberts, Councillor Walt McKechnie, Jerry Walker, Dave Bishop and chair Don Popple.