Building Department

A building permit is formal approval from your municipality to construct, repair, alter, renovate a building or install plumbing.

Building permits allow the Municipality to protect the interests of property owners and the community as a whole. By reviewing plans before any work is done, staff can ensure that buildings comply with the local zoning by-law and its controls on buildings and uses that are suitable to the area; the Ontario Building Code, which sets standards for design, life safety issues and materials, and other health and safety regulations.

The Ontario Building Code requires that a complete building permit application for small projects and houses will be processed within 10 days. You will be advised at the time of application or within 2 business days, if the application is incomplete.

Besides building permit requirements, there are other agencies that need to be consulted during the planning and design and building process.

ELECTRICAL:    Electrical permits and inspections fall under the jurisdiction of the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA).  It’s the responsibility of the homeowner or builder to contact the ESA for  proper approvals.  The ESA can be reached at 1-877-ESA-SAFE (372-7233) and you can apply for a permit online at the link on the sidebar.

SEPTIC SYSTEMS:  Since 2014, the Municipality of Dysart et al has been responsible for on-site sewage systems.   For detailed information and related forms and procedures, please visit: Septic Systems

ENTRANCE PERMITS:   An entrance permit is required to install a new entrance on your property, to change the location of an existing  one, or to install a second entrance.  Entrance approvals are handled by the Roads Department of the Municipality or the County of Haliburton or the Ministry of Transportation depending on which jurisdiction looks after your road maintenance.

CIVIC ADDRESSING:  New civic addresses (9-1-1 numbers) for vacant lots and new entrances are acquired through the County of Haliburton Civic Addressing Department.  See the link on the sidebar to reach the County of Haliburton.

TREE REMOVAL:  When it comes to removing trees on your property, enforcement falls under the jurisdiction of the County of Haliburton.  Please see links on the sidebar that relate to both shoreline tree preservation and the forest conservation by-law.

ZONING:  For information regarding property zoning and amendments, please visit: Department of Planning and GIS